Mazara del Vallo.

A seaside town first and foremost

There are many sandy beaches in Mazara del Vallo like San Vito and Tonnarella, along with pebble beaches like Quarara. You can get everything you want independently or from a beach attendant. The sea is delightfully clear and a joy to experience. There are plenty of water sports available like wind-surfing, kite-surfing, sailing, diving and mini-cruises with a fleet of professionals at your service.

Perhaps you’d prefer to swim, play tennis, go bowling or walk through a nature reserve protected by the WWF at ‘Gorghi Tondi’ or spend a day a seaworld centre? All these leisure activities are available.

The town’s history and culture

Something for all tastes

Wander through Mazara del Vallo’s old town and authentic Arab style ‘kasbah’ quarters. It is wonderful to stroll in the morning or early evening in the centre, the ‘Villa Garibaldi’ park or along the seafront, the ‘lungomare’.

In the evenings from spring to summer you will no doubt be astonished at the town’s liveliness! The centre and the ‘lungomare’ are definitely the places to meet up and be seen in the evening, and many events are organised there. There are also famous discotheques in Mazara del Vallo – some of them outdoors, against an extraordinary backdrop where you will spend some unforgettable moments.

Mazara del Vallo has its own diocese and Basilica, bishop’s’palace, many churches and the ruins of a Norman castle.

There are plenty of exhibits on view at the diocese museum and at the Satyr Museum you can see the bronze Dancing Satyr dating back to around the third century BC. Miraculously rescued from the sea by a local fisherman, it is the pride of the town and of the whole of Italy, recently being taken as far as Japan for an international exhibition. Definitely not to be missed!


Tickle your tastebuds

There are restaurants galore in Mazara del Vallo, where the local cuisine is based on freshly caught fish, along with the rich variety of Sicilian cuisine to delight your palate…. Why not try one of the local white or red wines along with your meal – the local vine industry is highly developed and boasts a selection of excellent wines.

Fit in a visit to a ‘bar pasticceria’ where you can have a coffee and a local cake or pastry. Sicily, if you didn’t already know it, is one of the top regions of Europe for patisseries… Not forgetting the ‘gelato’ – local icecream made in the traditional way.


Honouring San Vito

During the month of August the town celebrates its patron saint, Saint Vito, with numerous festivities including processions, the staging of historical events, concerts, night markets and firework displays. Moments not to be missed…


Fashion and arts and crafts galore

Are you a fashion victim or shopaholic? All Italy’s fashion and design are available in the town’s many shops. A delightful range of local arts and crafts and many other delights are also available!

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