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Natural Reserve Integral “Lago Preola and Gorghi Tondi”

Natural Reserve in management to WWF Italia Ong-Onlus

via F. Maccagnone, 2/b
91026 Mazara del Vallo
+39 0923 934055

The Natural Reserve Integral “Lago Preola and Gorghi Tondi”, inserted in 1991 among the natural surfaces protected from the regional Plan of the Parks and the Reserves, was instituted by decree of the Regional Assessor in the Territory and Environnement and was entrusted in management to Italian Association for World Wild Life Found For Nature ong-Onlus (WWF Italy ong-Onlus)

The zone is accessible all the year fairly reservation near the office from the organization. Are available for the visitors, the Center of the visitors with a didactic room multimédiale, two natural paths equipped with observatories on the lake Preola and Gorgo Basso.

The observatory on Gorgo Basso is accessible also to the fairly valid people after 180 m from path plunged in the rigorous Mediterranean task with prevalence from Quercus calliprinos. The observatory of the lake Preola makes easy and without disturbance the observation of the various species of watery ornithological fauna, particularly in spring period. (Texts and photographs extracted by

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